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...but not really

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a potpourri icon community
...but not really
starri The yandere fetishist. The shy and cheery pessimist. One name title. Apologizes a lot. Cloudcukoolander. Creature of habit. Shrinking violet. Not a morning person. Perpetual expression. Plucky middle. Ridiculous procrastinator. Shipper on deck. Sleepyhead. Wrong genre savvy. Sarcastic clapping. Anti-role model. Rapid fire comedy. Flanderization. The pirate who doesn't do anything. Also Zoidberg. hail That senile Canadian. Too lazy to do anything. Tends to lapslock or capslock. Pretends to have an ego. Replying to comments is definitely the only way to make friends. Likes looking at her icons for 20 minutes, and then finding something wrong with every single one of them. Speaks French and is learning German. Fake bitch, can't art, etc. nicole Constantly references anything in pop culture. Slash fanatic. Perfectionist who is forever cleaning the kitchen, but doesn't mind if her sheets don't match. fobsessed. Muffin whore. Mad as rabbits. Jedi. Member of both the DeFranco and Colbert Nations, and the Cobra Crew. Makes great sandwiches. Pro-Phantom. Often complains about being poor, but isn't willing to get a real job. Is honestly not sure if she could live without music and/or her iTouch. American Idiot.
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